Evolutionary Morphology and Palaeobiology of Vertebrates

Lab Publication List

PhD Theses

Kolb Christian (2016) Bone and tooth microstructure in extinct and extant mammals and implications for growth and life history evolution, with an emphasis on cervids as a case study.
Geiger Madeleine (2015) Skeletal growth and life history evolution in wild and domesticated mammals.
Neenan James (2014) Evolutionary Origins, Palaeoecology and Systematics of Placodont Marine Reptiles from the Triassic of Europe and China.
Hugi Jasmina (2011) Aspects of limb development in fossil and recent eureptiles: morphological and histological approaches.
Carlini Alfredo (2010) Fossil Xenarthran Mammals From Venezuela - Taxonomy, Patterns Of Evolution And Associated Faunas.
Werneburg Ingmar (2010) Evolution and Development of Turtles: Organogenesis and Cranial Musculature.
Wilson Laura (2010) The Evolution of Morphological Diversity in Rodents: Patterns of Cranial Ontogeny.

Pre Zürich PhD Theses

Schmelzle Thomas (2010) Ontogenese, Phylogenese und ökomorphologische Aspekte in der Ohrregion bei den Diprotodontia (Mammalia: Marsupialia). Universität Tübingen, Germany.