Evolutionary Morphology and Palaeobiology of Vertebrates

Prospective doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers

We much appreciate interest in our research group. If you are seriously considering working with us, we assume you have read at least some of our papers and have identified an area in which to work. We are always interested in hearing from prospective students and postdocs, especially if the communication involves some specific and particular interest and reason for the interest. Meeting personally at conferences is very useful. We are limited though in what we can do as funding is needed for any position.

Positions in our lab are advertised in visible websites. They are usually tied to grants about some specific research projects, but members of our lab usually develop an independent research profile. In some occasions, some people come with own funding from proposals they prepare, after we have met and mutually established it is fitting for both sides to work together.

Doctoral students become students at the Evolutionary Biology Graduate Programme. This programme has a procedure to apply, but ultimately the funding and the decision to accept students is done by labs, so you are advised to contact us directly should you be interested.

In terms of monies to support postdoctoral research, below are a few links to very competitive sources in Switzerland. There are other programmes from individual countries and from the EU (Marie Curie) as well.

SNF (look for Ambizione)

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars

Female doctoral students and postdocs in Switzerland might also want to check out specifically the Marie Heim-Vögtlin (MHV) funding opportunity

The following site provides good advice on searching for doctoral and postdoctoral positions

Finally, this list of ‘Ten Simple Rules for Selecting a Postdoctoral Position’ also provides good advice