Evolutionary Morphology and Palaeobiology of Vertebrates

Information for students at Zürich University and the ETH

Research in our lab aims at integrating developmental biology and palaeontology. Students have the opportunity to both get trained to use a hammer in the field to find and investigate fossils, and also to use a microscope to study living organisms. They can work with fossils but also with embryos of living groups, related to the extinct forms. For example, we collect fossil turtles in the field to study the evolution of the carapace, but also investigate carapace development in extant turtles; and we study the development of limbs in lizards and then compare this to developmental series from the fossil record. We see disparate research (e.g. embryology, palaeontological fieldwork, systematics, or comparative anatomy) on large-scale themes as the best training ground.

BUSS: International Biology Undergraduate Summer School

International Students

If you think you may be interested in doing a Master's thesis in our lab, please contact us. Examples of areas of research for Master's theses are: